Tanja Kiselchuk is a writer, journalist, social activist, kulturtreger, founder of the video lectorium Wise Cow. With her social and educational video projects she has travelled all over Ukraine, accumulating the precise knowledge of what is the real cultural and sicial situation there. In partnership with an art critic Eugeniy Stasinevich, they have managed to popularize extremely sophisticated and niche cultural topics and educational events to the extent of them being sold out in an hour. They manage to create such beautiful hype around their lectures and WseCow shooting session that visitors there are usually more than seats. In spite of being a natural born bookworm and an intellectual, Tania is a girl whose career skyrocketed just in the last year or so— from a plane where she used to be an extremely intelligent fly attendant less than 2 years ago she jumped right into a chair of Chief Editor of one of the biggest ukrainian online media Bit.ua, and 6 month later into the chair of the general producer of culture & education department at ‘UA: Суспільне мовлення (‘UA:Перший’) at 1st national TV Channel. Now she is in charge of huge media reforms and supervises such fields as Education & Culture, using her intense experience to create new media forms and genres at the intersection of all her personal and social missions, creating ‘edutaning’ projects, meant to change the thinking of the whole nation.

> https://wisecow.com.ua