Escape Community


Urosh Ewox is an activist, entrepreneur in culture, music promoter and a DJ and the founder of Escape Summer Summit on Croatian coast — one of the most interesting networking events for independent creative minds in Europe. With his DJ partner Tamara Bijelic he spreads good vibrations thorugh their ONLY LOVE! parts. As an artist and as a producer he regularly supports different social initiatives and knows better than anyone how to combine humanism and hedonism.:)

Rethinking Festival / How i came up on idea of Escape Community

Uros: The 1st project I’d love to present at your festival will be about the project I founded few years ago. On the contrary to enormous number of music festivals and events that gathers mass audiences we wanted to create a social space especially designed just for 100/200 people based on community values. Escape is unique social experience that consists of day and night activities made specifically for people who seek for natural, creative and intimate ways of spending their leisure time. Escape is a combination of camping in a magical pine forest right by the sea, sport activities, art & craft workshops, healing practices, music performances and movie projections. We believe that this community dimension of the project is the most important one, as people are feeling more and more lonely and detached from the societies they live in.





NOVA ISKRA Design Incubator.
Potential of creative hubs in developing local cultural scene

The 2nd project that I would present was founded by my twin brother Marko Radenković, where I was involved for few years — NOVA ISKRA Design Incubator. The pioneering COWORKING & INCUBATION initiative in the Balkan region that provides favourable conditions for professional development of young creatives and entrepreneurs; Nova Iskra is a broad-based platform that aims at empowering local actors in the fields of creative industry and business, with special focus on young people, micro companies, small and medium enterprises and social businesses. From 2012, Nova Iskra functions as a membership-based organization and shared working space, gathering young professionals from the creative industry fields as well as local entrepreneurial initiatives. It operates in the cooperation with various public and private stakeholders – organizations, institutions, businesses and platforms as well as with individuals from various fields.