DZ’OB is a band from Dnipro (UA) that plays on the intersection of contemporary and academic music, and now is releasing a new mini album. ‘Basement Suite’ consisting of 5 tracks is to be released on December 1st and will become the 2d record in the bend’s discography. It promises to showcase the new angles of the band’s creativity that has already known by its advanced approach in the synthesis of acoustic sound of brasses, strings and electronics. The title of the album was chosen in accordance with the concept of constructing a classical suite with contrasting dynamic and genre transitions from techno to hip-hop, IDM and avant-garde. Also, according to the band ‘s members, the distinction of this mini album is a departure from musical citations of academic and electronic composers, which was inherent in the previous release. The album was recorded at Hi5 Studio under support of  ‘Cultural Capital’ program. The supporting tour is starting on December 1 and covering 6 cities of Ukraine.


Oleksiy Badin – cello
Ekaterina Kolyada — violin
Irene Lee – alto
Vasyl Starshinov — oboe
Sergey Bilokin – clarinet
Alexey Starshinov — bassoon
Maxim Andrukh – electronics
Alex Sosnitsky — sound engineer